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Comments about the Web Design Process

  "Mike has the patience of a saint when dealing with clients like me who want things 'just so'!"

Ashley Hewitt, Rosedale Financial Management / Care Fees First  

  "[Mike] has made suggestions and recommended new ways of presenting the information and also understands the importance of content, rather than just design aspects."

Shaida Dorabjee, SD Information Services

  "[Mike's] skill, know how, ability & providing what I actually required were second to none."

Mark Wagstaffe, Collective Solutions 4 Business

It's not just about looking good or being 'clever'.  Your website has a job to do for your business and that's where we like to start.  What do you want it to achieve?  What do you want to say and who do you want to say it to?

And the Results...

  "It's been up less than 3 months and it's paid for itself already"

Bruno, Sheffield DJ

  "I really like that - crisp and contemporary without being dull or poncy!"

Gaynor Carr, The Smart Station

  "G*d you're good!"

Ann Sheppard, Sheppard Genealogy


  "If all websites were this easy I'd offer to update my own clients' websites for them"

Gill Whittaker, Love Paperwork

A website is a business tool that, like any other, should help your business work better.  That might be bringing in more customers or providing better service for existing customers.  If it doesn't help your business make more money or run more efficiently then it's not doing its job.

page last updated: 09/11/2014

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