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Sheffield web design news - among other things

The celebrity nude photos hack on iCloud and Google's recent algorithm update both highlight the increasing need for good security on the web. Here are a couple of things you can do right now to help protect yourself and your website.   [more...]

Now everyone can contribute to the Yorkshire Man of Steel project by subscribing to the Heart of Steel. Donate £20 or more and get your name on the Man of Steel's heart.   [more...]

Weir Street Light Engineering was one of our earlier websites, built back in 2006. Have a look at what a makeover can do.   [more...]

If you're trying to integrate Outlook's calendar with your Android smartphone you have our sympathy. We've given up and moved over to Google Calendar. Not only do we get our appointments on the move we can share calendars too - so we each know what the others are doing.   [more...]

Everyone loves to hate Windows8, mostly because the start button has gone, but what about the rest of it: the subtle change from 3D to a 'flat' look. The grumpy old developer thinks this is a backward leap for usability.   [more...]

A serious blog item for a change. Phishing emails pretend to be from your bank or someone you know or trust and try to con you into revealing personal or financial information. Here's a sure fire way to spot them.   [more...]

Just when we were all getting used to the web, even learning to love it, Web 2 came along and it all changed - at least that's what they'd have us believe..   [more...]

Using social media to promote your business and your website   [more...]

So called smart advertising uses information about our previous purchases and on-line shopping habits to target us with 'relevant' ads. But how far will this go?   [more...]

page last updated: 31/03/2015

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