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Social media and your website

"I hate all that social media stuff - I'm not even on Facebook"

You're not alone. But ask yourself, "do I need it for my business?"  There is definitely a case for it - whether your business is B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer).

Its a fact that a lot of people do use social sites, and having a "many people like this page" button somewhere can give a good deal of credibility to your site.  If you're in a B2C business then having a social media presence is another way to bring visitors directly to your website.

Increasingly the search engines like social media too, and a tweet or a like can count as much as a link from another website.

Social media explained with beer

facebook I like beer   Instagram Vintage pictures of beer
twitter I'm drinking #beer   yelp Here's where I drink beer
google plus I hang out with beer drinkers   Groupon Find cheap beer
youtube Watch me drink beer   Spotify Songs about beer
linked in My skills include beer drinking   Wordpress Long articles about beer
Pinterest Here are beers I like   flickr Lots of beer photos

5 ways social media can boost your website and brand

  • If you have social media pages we can include a link to them on your website
  • We'll put tweet, like, +1, pin... whatever, buttons on your web pages so others can 'vote' for you. See the footer of this page for an example (and please feel free to tweet or share)
  • Mention your website on social media sites when ever you write about your business.
  • Embed your twitter feed on your site - like the one on the right
  • Even if you don't use twitter, you can embed a twitter feed for your business topic

And if you're not into social media yourself call in an expert to do it for you - or maybe just to get you started.

page last updated: 09/11/2014

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