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Web 2.0 - like Web 1.0 but the other way round

Some people are telling us that the web is dead and social media is the way to go now.

Sorry?  Isn't social media just part of the web? 

What do we do in social media but, essentially, tell others about things we've published on the web?  Whether it's a photo on Picasa or a blog article or something we've found, what we're doing is publicising something elsewhere on the web to our circle of friends/contacts/followers (depending on which social media site we're currently on).

So the web is alive, just evolving!  What's really happening is that social media is turning the web around.  It's no longer just a huge repository of information we can search and pull things our for ourselves, but a 'place' where we can hang out and get things pushed at us whether we want them or not.  Those sneaky advertisers that used to plague our TV programs have found a way to reach us on the web too (pun intended!).

The trick now is to sort out what we're really interested in from all the MegaBytes of 'stuff' that bombards (and distracts) us.  And now we hear about search engines going social.  So far there's still an anti-social switch - by staying logged out of Google/Bing/Yahoo/whatever I can still find what I want, not what I found last week or what all my friends, contacts and followers want me to find. 

But, like trying to maintain a semblance of privacy on Facebook, I'm sure that anti-social searching is going to get harder to do!

page last updated: 28/10/2015

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