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Some of our recent web development projects

Patient Outcome Monitoring

Pragmatic Tracker is an online application for tracking the progress of psychiatric patients through assessment, treatment and follow up and can be used by both the practitioner and the patient.

We took great care to create an intuitive user interface and to ensure that frequently used features are easy to reach.  A practitioner can use the entire app from patient setup, thru data entry to charting, analysis and reporting, while a dedicated, clean and simple data entry page means that patients can enter data themselves in response to an email invitation.

Once collected the patient responses are available immediately to the practitioner who can use them to guide subsequent treatment sessions.  Collation of patient data from a number of practitioners can help a practice manage the case-load and work-flow of its practitioners and assess their performance too.

A portal website allows potential users to try before they buy and to run a single user system on a subscription basis (Software As A Service).  The same portal also provides on-line help for all installations.

The techy bits...

Uses object oriented coding in PHP 5.3, javascript and jQuery v1.10 for user interface features and a MySQL v5 database. Can run on shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server linux hosting. 

You can find out more about Pragmatic Tracker at www.pragmatictracker.com

Pragmatic Tracker running on a tablet

Restaurant Booking Online

At the other end of the scale is a simple on-line booking system for an Indian restaurant.

This is basically a piece of javascript to guide the visitor thru booking a table on-line.  To prevent missing information it presents each form field in turn, disabling later fields until earlier ones have been completed.  After filling in the last field the app enables the 'Book your table' button.

The data from the form is emailed to the restaurant and the staff can then phone for confirmation and payment.

For a minimal outlay over a standard brochure website the restaurant has on-line booking!

The techy bits...

Written in javascript (not jQuery) with a PHP based form processor and a free date picker from openjs.com.   Built into a Panpage based content managed website.



Website content management system

Panpage was born after a search for a light-weight, low-cost content management system for small business websites failed to turn up anything remotely exciting.  Sure there are some very comprehensive and competent CMSs out there but they tend to be complete over-kill for small business sites.

Panpage is completely page based so it's easy to find things, search engine friendly right out of the box and compatible with all standard 'webmaster tools'.  It also provides a visual editing system that lets you mouse around your website while anything you can edit lights up under the mouse.  Click and the item opens up in the editor right there and then - no searching for 'articles' or 'friendly URLs'!

Developed over a number of years, Panpage supports, plain ole 'fixed' text and images, folding items for FAQs and summarised content, image slide-shows and embedded content from social sites. The latest version supports HTML5 and responsive design for tablet and phone compatibility.

The techy bits...

Panpage's object oriented code was written originally in PHP 4 and then substantially re-written in PHP 5 and PDO/MySQL with javascript and jQuery on the client for a responsive user experience.  Uses Moxie Code's file/image manager and TinyMCE HTML editor.

Find out more about Panpage at www.panpage.com.

page last updated: 21/10/2014

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