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Using GMail with your website email

Using GMail to access your website email makes a lot of sense if you want to...

  • keep all your messages in one place
  • share your email with someone else
  • use a mobile device as well as a computer

This page shows how to use a GMail account to send and receive your website based mail.


GMail by Google

The instructions on this page assume you have a POP3 mailbox for your website email and might otherwise use Outlook or Windows Live Mail or similar to manage it.  An alternative is simply to redirect any email sent to your website based email address straight to your GMail account.  This scenario is covered by a different set of instructions (coming soon).

To follow these instructions you will need access to your website email. If you already use Outlook or Windows Live Mail or similar this will be straightforward. If you don't already use an email program you might find webmail the easiest solution for reading the verify email that GMail sends you in step 11.

Step 1: Login to Google

Open www.google.co.uk in your web browser and sign in to your Google account.


Sign into your Google account

Step 2: Open GMail

Click the menu button and then choose GMail.

Open GMail

Step 3: Open Settings

Click the gear wheel icon at top right.

Choose 'Settings'.

Open GMail's settings page

Step 4: Accounts and Import

On the Settings page click the Accounts and Import tab.

Accounts and Import tab

Step 5: Add a POP3 account

Find the 'Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)' section.

Click 'Add a POP3 mail account you own'.

Add a POP3 account

Step 6: POP3 email address

Enter the address you want to link to GMail

Click 'Next Step'.

Enter your email address

Step 7: Enter email account details

Google needs the usual email account information (which we will have sent you)...

  • Your email username
  • Your email password
  • The POP3 email server and port (usually port 110)

Next are some tick boxes...

  • Leave a copy... on the server.  Tick this box if you want to access your email in Outlook as well as GMail.  Leave it unticked if you will ONLY use GMail for this email address.
  • Secure connection. Leave this unticked unless we've told you otherwise.
  • Label incoming messages: tick this box so you know which messages were sent to your website email address and which went directly into GMail.
  • Archive incoming messages: leave this unticked.

Click 'Add Account' when you have finished here.


Enter email account details

Step 8: Send via GMail too

Tick the radio button to say that you want to send as if from your POP3 email address too.

Send via GMail too

Step 9: Friendly name

Enter the name that you want recipients to see as the sender of your emails.  If this is a business email address used for sales or other enquiries you might want to use your company name rather than your personal name - or maybe both: eg. 'Mike from Abbeydale Web'.

You should untick the 'Treat as an alias' box.  Failure to do this can result in duplicated messages and confusion if you send and receive from your website email address.

Click 'Next Step'.

Email friendly name and alias

Step 10: Send thru GMail or web server

Click the radio button labelled 'Send thru GMail'.

Click 'Next Step'.

Send via GMail servers

Step 11: Verify your email address

Before Google will let you send emails as if from your POP3 email address you must verify that you really do own that email address.

Click 'Send verification'.

Google will send an email to your POP3 email address containing a code that you must enter in the next step.  If you already have Outlook or Windows Live Mail or similar connected to your email address that will be simple but if not you might like to use Webmail to read the email Google sends you.

Verify your email address

Step 12: Enter verification code

When you receive the verification message look for the six digit number Google has sent you and type or paste it in here.

Click 'Verify' to continue.

Enter your verify code

Step 13: Select default send address

By default GMail will send emails from your GMail address but it is more convenient if it uses your website email address - that, after all, is the point of this exercise!

Back at the Accounts and Import page find the 'Send mail as' section.

Click the 'make default' link next to your website email address.

That's it - you're done.  You can now go to your GMail inbox page to send and receive emails as if from your website email address while retaining all the convenience and vast storage space of your GMail account.

Make your website email address the default for sending

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page last updated: 02/12/2014

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