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online securitySocial media, love it or hate it?

We're not big fans of social media, and to be honest tweeting about what we had for breakfast would get a bit boring after two days (toast). However, we have to admit a bit of social media can go a long way.

We've got a lot of sympathy for our clients who tell us that they're too busy, got a million other things to do, and often don't see their business as something that other people want to hear about in a social media context. It takes a good bit of imagination to make dental hygeine interesting. There are specialist agencies out there who will help you if you want to go down that road.

We do have a few accounts on twitter, facebook and pinterest which we use to promote our clients' sites where possible, so if you've got anything happening that wants a push, do let us know. And let us know where we can follow you. We're at @abbeydaleweb on twitter

Getting results with social media

Apart from promoting your business, social media can be a good way of getting attention of big companies.

This article by the BBC from 2014 explains what a lot of us are learning by chance - complain in public, big companies have to take notice.


A few well placed icons on your website

Having a few social media buttons (widgets) can encourage visitors to your website to share your content with other webusers. So, while you're here, if you wouldn't mind just clicking on one of the items in the footer or in the side column, that would be great, thanks. And if you'd like to talk about integrating some widgets on your site, you know where we are.

page last updated: 28/10/2015

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